L'hôtel offre l'ambiance plaisamment détendue d'un hôtel particulier tout en restant à l'écoute des besoins de ses clients.


Example text – your text here: During the few moments he had a glimpse of Phileas Fogg, Passepartout had quickly but carefully reviewed his future master. This was a man who might have been forty years figure noble and beautiful, tall, that does not marred slightly overweight, blond hair and whiskers, united front without appearance of wrinkles temples, face rather pale colored beautiful teeth. He seemed to have the highest degree that the spotters call “repose in action,” common to all those who do more work than the noise power. Calm, phlegmatic, pure eye, eyelid Still, it was the perfect type of these cold-blooded Englishman who meet frequently in the United Kingdom, which Angelica Kauffmann has wonderfully made ​​his brush attitude somewhat academic. Seen in the various acts of its existence, this gentleman gave the idea of ​​a well-balanced in all its parts, precisely weighted, as perfect a clock Leroy or Earnshaw. The fact is that Phileas Fogg was the accuracy personified, which is clearly seen in the “expression of his feet and hands,” because in humans as well as animals, members themselves are expressive of the passions.

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